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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meetings Have Taken Place

So I've met with Michael Lary and Gary Rall of the the Carver Climbing Club separately and feel they are working to keep the area open and here are the updates: (all depend on our actions going forward)

  • If you are currently a member, access is open and should remain so as long as we police ourselves
  • Don't expect new members to be added until next spring
  • Expect to see some sort of a membership "reset" starting in January (current members will be given an opportunity to rejoin without repaying)
  • The Club is also committed to better communication of the happenings and expectations of climbers visiting the Carver Bridge Cliff - expect to see some flyers/posters show-up at your gym or favorite shop.
  • Please leave your dogs at home
That's it for now. The weather is good today. I'll be at Carver. You should be as well, unless your not a member.


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