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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Titlest Boulders

The Titlest Boulders are most easily reached by parking along the road near the Pioneer Church and walking in from there. The trail to the Titlest Boulders begins just past the gate on the paved driveway. Hike a short distance to the obvious boulders on the uphill side of the trail. From the Stone Cliff Inn, take the main trail up to the cliff and head East away from the main climbing areas until you reach the Titlest Boulders.

This group of boulders hasn't been visited in some time and will need some cleaning. There is a wide selection of problems here and there are still some dry days left. So get out there and climb!


spencer out

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Kim W. on Legal System V3

This is the first post for the Carver Bouldering Blog. This blog will support the print version of the Carver Bouldering Guide which is being finalized.

First things: The Carver Bridge Cliff and the boulders are on Private Property. You must sign the release form at the Portland Rock Gym or at The Circuit and be over 18 to boulder or rope climb at this area. You must also have picture ID with you and be prepared to show it to representatives of the Stone Cliff Inn. Sorry, but those rules are the wishes of the Land Owner, Mike Rosenbaum.

Other rules are basic like: No glass containers and clean-up any litter you see in the woods. Keep your dog on a leash or at home. If you do bring your dog please clean-up after them. Keep your noise level to minimum and be respectful to the patrons of the Stone Cliff Inn.

You may park in the gravel lot by the Columbia Boulders except on Friday and Saturday after 5pm. After 5pm on these nights climbers should park near the intersection of South Gronlund and South Hattan roads and approach from the trail near the Pioneer Church.

There are over 300 boulder problems at Carver ranging from VB to V11. Like any area the problems range in quality and cleanliness. Quality is mostly dictated by Mother Nature. Cleanliness, however, is directly impacted by you. Please take some time to scrub holds and remove moss where appropriate. A majority of problems at Carver have to be cleaned every Spring to remove the rapidly growing Winter moss.

Please keep an eye on this blog to find out when and where the Carver Bouldering Guide will be available to purchase.


spencer out