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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Day of Spring = First Day of the Season = Cleaning

Met my friend Mindy out at Carver last Saturday, the day it should have been full of climbers, but there were a total of five of us in the woods.

Most things look like shaggy versions of the Incredible Hulk - green, mossy, and rough around the edges. This is the Reggae Recipe Boulder (just below the routes around "Smirk" and "Uncola"):

We cleaned off the Birthday Boulder next to it which holds problems such as "The Birthday Traverse" V5, "Evildoer" V10, "All Smiles" V2 and a couple of others. Most of the problems never got cleaned last year. Set up a couple of flashes and did a mini fashion shoot. Here's one of yours truly on "All Smiles" (the 2nd time; the 1st time by left hand blew and I was able to scrap three knuckles at once).

Remember to check for current access info at the Carver Climbing Club Website.

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