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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carver Bouldering Has a Guidebook...Almost

So the proof copy was on my doorstep Thursday after work. I made a couple of tweaks and switched out two photos and sent it back to the printer. So it looks like two weeks before the Carver Bouldering Guide is available around Portland.

In the interim, if you are looking for a nice place to climb and still beat the heat, try the problems in the corridor behind the Cedar Boulder. There are a handful of problems back there along with a spot that stays around 65 degrees.

I bouldered there with my buddy Mark on Wednesday after work when it was 105. I was almost chilly in pants and a t-shirt.

So good luck and safe climbing.

Spencer out


Joe Poulton said...

I love the composition on the shot of the book! Kewl.

spencer said...

Thanks Joe. Hopefully the guide will be available soon.

Please tell who ever you climb with the be extra cool towards anyone they encounter out in the woods. Especially if they are Twilighters are restaurant goers.